Never one to let life (or finances) get in the way of a good adventure – or a good story – my life has been filled with both. From summers spent hitchhiking around Europe while doing an East Asian Studies degree, going on epic trips as a travel writer and round-the-world travel agent, working in disaster relief, and managing a hostel in Cambodia, I’ve been there and done it.

Now a writer, creative mentor, trip planner, and long-distance dementia caregiver in Western Australia, I’ve pulled together all my life experiences and become a passionate advocate for helping people make the most of their wild and precious lives – and our one wild and precious planet.

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As well as being a writer and personal essayist with a focus on travel, sustainable living, and finding the magic in the every day, I also run storytelling, journalling, and creative writing workshops and offer one-on-one creative mentoring, creative business support, and bucket-list trip planning.

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If you’d like to check out more of my writing, you can also check out or sign up for my weekly Substack, Making Lemonade, which is all about finding ways to make life a little sweeter, no matter what lemons life is throwing at you.


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