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Payment policies

All our services are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed.

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Deposits may also be asked for with copy and content writing services and trip planning services. Any exceptions will require written communication and are at our discretion. Delayed invoices are subject to extra fees.

Workshops and mentoring services must be paid for in full prior to commencement of services.

Copy and content writing

Our copy and content writing services are intended for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. They are based on personal experiences and information available on third party websites and any information that you have provided directly to us. While we endeavour to provide up-to-date and accurate information as much as possible, we are not to be held liable if there are any issues once the agreed upon deliverable has been accepted and payment for services rendered.

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For informational, educational, and entertainment purposes, we also provide links to content and copy that we have written that has been published on other sites. Any issues you have with the content or copy is the responsibility of the third party site. It is also not our responsibility to share every piece of content or copy that we deliver or provide, either on our website or social media. If you are not happy with us sharing or reposting a piece of content or copy that we have written for you, please reach out directly.

Workshops and mentorship programs

By signing up for workshops or mentorship programs, you agree with the following conditions:

– you are over eighteen years old
– you acknowledge that any activities or programs undertaken in relation to any class or mentorship programs are at your own risk
– you understand that there are no guarantees or promises of outcome as a result of joining a class or program
– any testimonials are not evidence of guaranteed results, they are there for information and education purposes
– we reserve the right to change advertised content (to content of an equivalent or higher value) and/or the published class date/teacher at any time without notice
– you understand that issues may arise due to internet problems. If you cannot make a class live due to internet problems then it is not our responsibility to re-run the class or provide you with a recording. If we are having internet issues and need to reschedule, we will let you know with as much time as possible and try to reschedule for a convenient time. In the instance of a group workshop, we will also provide a recording or invite you to join the next one in case you are unable to make it live.
– payment must be provided in full before accessing workshops or mentoring services as above
– if there is an online chat option on zoom or social media group for a workshop, we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate or spammy comments from the group. We also reserve the right to remove anyone from any group or workshop (whether online or in-person) who does not comply with the rules. No refund will be payable.

Trip Planning

We only ever provide an itinerary and suggestions for helpful and informational, educational, and entertainment purposes, including suggested itinerary routes. We do not and will not ever book anything for you. Every trip is undertaken at your own risk and we will not be held liable for any issues that occur either with the trip plan or with the trip itself.

We recommend you use our trip plans as a guide when organising your trip and then engage in your own research, including road conditions, typical weather, and reviews for accommodation, flights, tours, and other services as these are continuously subject to change and are entirely out of our control. Any and all advice and itineraries we may provide are intended to be recommendations for entertainment and information purposes. It is not our responsibility what you do with them or how you enact them.

In addition, we use information publicly available at the time to compile these lists, including Google, reviews, maps, and other services. We do not have to disclose our methodology, but any information that we have uses third party information or personal experience, all of which can be subjective and subject to change and are not to be viewed as fact. We endeavour to provide up-to-date and factual information but will not be held liable for any incorrect information or any issues that may arise as a result of embarking on any trip.

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