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I’m on a mission to help people live the best lives possible – whether it be through creative endeavours, going on incredible adventures, writing their stories, or building their dream businesses.

Hi! I’m Cassie and I’m a creative mentor, writing workshop facilitator, freelance writer/copywriter, and trip planner based in the Swan Valley in Western Australia.

After my mum was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s several years ago, I had a real wake-up call about how short and precious our lives are and how little time we have here on this amazing planet – and decided I wanted to spend the rest of mine helping others make the most of theirs, too.

In order to do this, I’ve been leaning into my story, my creative skills, and my experience as a travel agent, designer, photographer, writer, creative mentor, and workshop facilitator, along with my professional work as a travel writer.

Having spent the last 15 years carefully cultivating a life I love (including seven years living on the road), and making a living from my creative endeavours, it’s now my honour to share these with the world and offer:

  • Creative mentoring
  • Writing/journalling workshops
  • Bucket list trip planning
  • Creative business support: including audits, copywriting, and web design

Workshops + Mentoring

My online and in-person journalling, storytelling, and writing to heal workshops are open to anyone who wants to try their hand at writing, fancies exploring creative writing and self-expression in a fun and interactive way, or wants to dive deeper into some of life’s biggest questions.

The creative mentoring programs have been designed for freelance writers and creatives who want to dive in deeper and are looking for support, companionship, and accountability as they journey through this creative life.

I love teaching workshops and helping creatives (and wannabe creatives) across a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • harnessing your inner creativity
  • finding your creative voice
  • brainstorming your creative future
  • managing overwhelm
  • overcoming creative blocks
  • building a creative business
  • pitching stories and creative projects


“I feel so grateful to have found Cassie. She really is a wealth of knowledge, and it shines through from the moment you begin your session with her. She’s not only a beaming ray of sunshine, but she is a deep listener and a natural problem solver. I admired Cassie’s efficiency, and how much we managed to pack into a session.

The follow-up notes I received from Cassie were exemplary, a pure testament to how deeply she had listened to me, with several structured and achievable goals gently set in place. Thank you Cassie, you are clearly where you are meant to be, and such a valued and needed service to the creative community.”

Addie Hockney
Witchcliffe, Western Australia / Instagram

Cassie is a warm, encouraging and thoughtful creative coach. She is compassionate when listening to creative blocks, and provides a range of ideas about how to overcome them. Cassie truly makes you feel cared about and deeply seen as a creative – and she is the best cheerleader when you don’t feel great about your creative journey. Cassie has a natural gift for celebrating your wins and encouraging you to move through your creative challenges.

If you are feeling stuck, Cassie will help you get back on track and see the ways you are already doing far better than you might think! I absolutely recommend having a session with her to gain a fresh, uplifting perspective on the magic you bring to the world!

Emily Bridget Taylor
Poet, Artist, Writer + Teacher
Perth, Western Australia / Instagram

I gained so much clarity and by the end of our call I was more than ready to tackle some of the actions we discussed. My workload suddenly feels lighter because I’m less overwhelmed and have a clear view of my priorities. Sometimes, we just need that sounding board to help us move from A to B, and break what feels like a “big thing” down into smaller, more manageable, chunks.

I also loved the follow-up email you shared after our mentoring session and can’t wait to tune into the Kickstarter resources over the coming days.”

Sarah Robertson
Brand Designer + Creative Mentor
UK / Instagram / Substack

“I enjoyed the class very much. You have such a passion for writing and it exuded all over the workshop. The environment was lovely and the energy was culpable. I love seeing the contrasts in each of us and how we are all unique. The workshop was great, and I was blown out of the water in a good way. The little threads of writing exercises were such a pleasure too”

Stories of Our Lives Writing Workshop

“Thank you so much for your time at the weekend. It was such a lovely day with some amazing people. You really could feel your happiness and passion towards journaling and living a happy life. I am really looking forward to starting journaling as a tool for my personal growth. Thanks again for such a lovely experience.”

Seasonal Journalling Workshop

Check out my workshops + creative mentoring pages to find out more

Bucket List Trip Planning

Ever since I started my career as a travel agent nearly 15 years ago, I’ve loved helping people put together dream trips. I get such a buzz helping them decide where to go and what to do, and then putting it all together into a bucket-list itinerary, complete with maps and must-do things in each destination.

Having been to more than 50 countries across five different continents and lived on four (Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America), I’ve also picked up a fair bit of first-hand knowledge along the way. This has definitely helped me find my niche as a travel writer, but even that isn’t quite as satisfying as helping put together someone’s dream trip.

Although I’ve worked with everyone from honeymooners to bucket-list trips across seven continents, these days, my favourite things are overland travel and road trips. I also have a special interest in culturally immersive and environmentally friendly travel experiences.

My trip planning services include quick get-the-ball-rolling sessions, itinerary checks, and fully planned travel itineraries, however I am not a travel agent and do not book anything or offer anything more than advice.

For more info + testimonials, visit my trip planning page

New for 2024: Creative Business Support

Having built several creative businesses from scratch, I know how hard it can be to get a creative business off the ground – I’m ashamed to admit it took me 15 years to build this website – and want to extend my creative mentoring to more practical support as well.

My creative business support offerings include:

  • Creative business audits, troubleshooting, and consulting
  • Copywriting and SEO services
  • Web design

If you are interested, I highly recommend booking a creative block-busting session so we can talk through your needs and soundboard some ideas to see if we’ll be a good fit to work together.

Find out more on my creative mentoring page.